Friday, June 16, 2006

Its been awhile...

Its Friday again! Sorry for not posting last Friday but I was off to Missouri to meet with our builder!!! We picked everything for our new home - rugs, tile, hardwood, countertops, exterior brick & shudders - EVERYTHING except paint colors but those are already done and just need to email the paint chips!

Now onto this week...its been a good week. I was run down and had a cold from traveling but I am feeling like a new woman. I have a military social function tonight and then tomorrow its a full day of scrapbooking!

And finally, Sophia C. (Sentiments by Sophia) gave me some inspiration this morning!

I WANT: to have a healthy babyI HAVE: the greatest husband! {sweet, kind and very tolerant of my whims}
I WISH: for global peace…I know it sounds cliché but a Soldier truly wishes for this
I HATE: running but I do it every morning.I MISS: my friends that have died in combat and my grandmother
I HEAR: a song in everythingI WONDER: about the life of an friends I never see…and those that I do

I REGRET: not staying in touch with my friends better
I AM NOT: who I thought I would be but I am still making a difference.
I DANCE: I love to dance but I don’t get to very much anymore.
I SING: a different ‘song’ (in my head) for everything. I will be working on email and Tina might pop in my head, then I move onto the next task and Kenny Chesney fits it perfectly. Weird I know but that is who I am.
I CRY: at the stupidest things, I am such a sap.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: on time…ask anyone!

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: my home, from food to albums its what keeps everything going
I WRITE: emails! I love email.

I CONFUSE: my left and right; I know what I mean and my hands go in the right directions but I don’t always say the correct word
I NEED: to work on my scrapbooks more and I REALLY need to clean my office/scrapbook room.
I SHOULD: keep up with my house work more.
I START: to many things at one time, I need to learn to slow down.
I FINISH: I always seem to finish the small things but never the really big things…

Now it's your turn!

Friday, June 02, 2006


My title says it all! IT IS FRIDAY! I am so ready for the weekend - Play. Rest. Scrap.
Getting out of work a little early to day which means shopping with a girlfriend! A great way to start the weekend. We are going to run a couple of errands {auto maintenance, pick up this, drop off that}. Then shopping at the mall and at BOTH LSS! I cannot wait. Just another hour or two of work. Actually after "lunch" I am going to turn in my military equipment so I can start clearing post. I may actually even get a chance to scan in some LOs and post them to 2 Peas! Image gallery is very, very bare.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Another Day...

Well we have survived the initial week with our new puppy. We all are adjusting well and can I say I have the smartest dog ever! He is already retrieving the fresbi and a tennis ball! He is starting to understand sit (I haven't worked that command very hard yet). And he is super sweet. He comes to the office everyday and sleeps under my desk or chews on his toys. He is just great.
So in general everything is going well here. We are getting the house ready for the move and we have our next trip to Missouri scheduled. We are going to meet with the builder 9-11 June and after that our house will be under construction.
Now if I could only get over being soooo tired. I am dragging butt and have been since I came back from leave/vacation. Slowly getting into the groove.