Friday, June 02, 2006


My title says it all! IT IS FRIDAY! I am so ready for the weekend - Play. Rest. Scrap.
Getting out of work a little early to day which means shopping with a girlfriend! A great way to start the weekend. We are going to run a couple of errands {auto maintenance, pick up this, drop off that}. Then shopping at the mall and at BOTH LSS! I cannot wait. Just another hour or two of work. Actually after "lunch" I am going to turn in my military equipment so I can start clearing post. I may actually even get a chance to scan in some LOs and post them to 2 Peas! Image gallery is very, very bare.


Adrienne said...

Shopping is a WONDERFUL way to start the weekend!!!!!!

Sheila Doherty said...

Have fun! Wish I could join you. :)