Friday, June 16, 2006

Its been awhile...

Its Friday again! Sorry for not posting last Friday but I was off to Missouri to meet with our builder!!! We picked everything for our new home - rugs, tile, hardwood, countertops, exterior brick & shudders - EVERYTHING except paint colors but those are already done and just need to email the paint chips!

Now onto this week...its been a good week. I was run down and had a cold from traveling but I am feeling like a new woman. I have a military social function tonight and then tomorrow its a full day of scrapbooking!

And finally, Sophia C. (Sentiments by Sophia) gave me some inspiration this morning!

I WANT: to have a healthy babyI HAVE: the greatest husband! {sweet, kind and very tolerant of my whims}
I WISH: for global peace…I know it sounds cliché but a Soldier truly wishes for this
I HATE: running but I do it every morning.I MISS: my friends that have died in combat and my grandmother
I HEAR: a song in everythingI WONDER: about the life of an friends I never see…and those that I do

I REGRET: not staying in touch with my friends better
I AM NOT: who I thought I would be but I am still making a difference.
I DANCE: I love to dance but I don’t get to very much anymore.
I SING: a different ‘song’ (in my head) for everything. I will be working on email and Tina might pop in my head, then I move onto the next task and Kenny Chesney fits it perfectly. Weird I know but that is who I am.
I CRY: at the stupidest things, I am such a sap.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: on time…ask anyone!

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: my home, from food to albums its what keeps everything going
I WRITE: emails! I love email.

I CONFUSE: my left and right; I know what I mean and my hands go in the right directions but I don’t always say the correct word
I NEED: to work on my scrapbooks more and I REALLY need to clean my office/scrapbook room.
I SHOULD: keep up with my house work more.
I START: to many things at one time, I need to learn to slow down.
I FINISH: I always seem to finish the small things but never the really big things…

Now it's your turn!

Friday, June 02, 2006


My title says it all! IT IS FRIDAY! I am so ready for the weekend - Play. Rest. Scrap.
Getting out of work a little early to day which means shopping with a girlfriend! A great way to start the weekend. We are going to run a couple of errands {auto maintenance, pick up this, drop off that}. Then shopping at the mall and at BOTH LSS! I cannot wait. Just another hour or two of work. Actually after "lunch" I am going to turn in my military equipment so I can start clearing post. I may actually even get a chance to scan in some LOs and post them to 2 Peas! Image gallery is very, very bare.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Another Day...

Well we have survived the initial week with our new puppy. We all are adjusting well and can I say I have the smartest dog ever! He is already retrieving the fresbi and a tennis ball! He is starting to understand sit (I haven't worked that command very hard yet). And he is super sweet. He comes to the office everyday and sleeps under my desk or chews on his toys. He is just great.
So in general everything is going well here. We are getting the house ready for the move and we have our next trip to Missouri scheduled. We are going to meet with the builder 9-11 June and after that our house will be under construction.
Now if I could only get over being soooo tired. I am dragging butt and have been since I came back from leave/vacation. Slowly getting into the groove.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Wild Indian 5...

We picked up our puppy today! (see banner for picture-I'll have new ones soon) The breeder selected Wild Indian as the litter theme and he was pupply #5. LOL. We are still coming up with a new name to register him under; our top choice is:

Wild Indian Last of the Mohicans - code name: Hawkeye

What do you think? Anyone have any better suggestions? I loved to know.

So we drove the hour to the breeders & back this morning and I have been at home all day trying to get our baby adjusted...and the cats adjusted! He is so sweet, it would be easy to spoil him but we know better. I don't want a monster on our hands. But so far so good; day one down - the easiest day. We will see how he does tonight! Hopefully he won't cry the night away like he did the enter drive home this morning. I am not sure I could take it ;-(

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I feel soooooo accomplished! I just published my new banner, with Lindsay Teague's help! Her website rocks...if anyone needs help here is the source. Here is the web address:

Look down the right hand side for "Need to Know?"

THANK YOU Lindsay!

Now that I have that figured out I will start messing the other settings.

New Home...

Well we have selected an new house in Missouri. We love the floor plan but are trying to get a house built for us with a basement (full or partial - haven't decided yet). But we love it! The living, kitchen and dining rooms all open into each other but unlike our current home each area is more defined. Its up on a 'mountain' literally because we are moving to the Ozarks. And its only 16 minutes from the office (we timed it).
Now we have to get the landscaping done at this house - sod & flower beds. Things just don't grow well in the heat and heavy rains of GA. We plan on putting on the market by the 2d week of June for an early August closing date. We have to get the movers scheduled first!

We are truly excited!!!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Disney Highlights

As promised a couple of Disney photos...I have been playing around with my editing software trying to create banners. Silly I know but fun :) Here is one thought from Disney World:
"Everything Mickey"

That is the thought that came to mind on an hourly basis while I was there.

But it off to bed, I will share more photo highlights later.

Almost Forgot....THANK YOU!

My secret sister is super sweet. She sent me a package with all sorts of good stuff.

Okay here is the promised! I love, love everything she game me! Especially the altered K and the HS book! THANKS SIS!!!

Home Again...

We are back from our vacation to Disney! We had such a great time (I will post a couple of my favorite pictures later today)! What a shock to the system to go back to work full time yesterday...I was dragging and I couldn't get into a normal rhythm. But I am feeling better this morning - minus my run this AM, it was a little rough. LOL.
We also picked our new house with weekend. Yes that right, we are moving again. After two years in GA its off to Fort Lost Woods...err...Fort Leonard Wood, MO. Not our top choice (not on the list at all) but we are okay with it. Its close to his family and little chance of deployment since its a Training & Doctrine post. We'll be going back up to FLW in a couple of weeks to sign the stack of paperwork. Now we just have to sell our current home...

Friday, May 05, 2006

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

As I told the gals & guys on Two Peas...THE WEEKEND HAS BEGUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We get a long weekend just because my boss loves us! The best part of the Army (besides my husband)...Training Holidays! The catch all phase for we don't want to bother to work today because we have been working 13 hour days for weeks and need a break!

Today: Thai food with the girls for and finishing a gift album. Tomorrow: shooting with my husband and scrapbooking. Sunday: church and buying scrapbooking things for my Secret Sister!

Not to mention I mowed the lawn last night & have already started laundry and dishes!

It’s going to be a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I have been a bad, bad blogger! No post in forever. I am going to get better about this. I have just been running! Work, Work, Work...oh and class. But today is my final! And my LAST class for awhile. I love learning the info but hate the tests and labs. Maybe I will audit a few course but not now. And not for awhile.
I would however love to find out where there are photography course/seminars taught in coastal Georgia! Or in Missouri my 'new' home.

Here is a fun photo...just a another moment from a day in my life.
(P.S. DIVARTY = Division Artillery)

Well I have to run. Got to see my boss and then we have a memorial service for Soldier who died last week. Very sad day for our brigade :(

Friday, March 10, 2006

02 March 2006 (Thursday)

Sorry no picture (at least not one taken by me). I wasn't feeling in the mood after we did our review of the Casualty Assistance procedures. This was one of my duties this fall, a hard duty, and we were providing feedback on how to make this process go more smoothly and less painfully for the families of our fallen comrades.

Maybe later I will post a picture or two of the three hero's that we lost and that I consider friends...but not today.

01 March 2006

This is my life. I had been wondering for weeks what was wrong with our water at work - it turns everything an orangish color, it took the color out of my hair and it just tasted weird. Well the answer is...low chlorination with high iron and bacteria levels. But we can still drink it; right.

Welcome to the Army!

March 2006

This month's project is a picture a day...just my everyday life. No Glitz, No Glamour, and definitely NO GLORY. Just the every day life of a Soldier and Wife (and mom to 3 cats & a chinchilla!)

Monday, February 27, 2006

Okay, so I decided to start a blog! I had started one on a photo printing site but I just love this forum. Now I just need to figure out how to personalize this site...first order of business, a new banner.

Here goes....