Friday, June 16, 2006

Its been awhile...

Its Friday again! Sorry for not posting last Friday but I was off to Missouri to meet with our builder!!! We picked everything for our new home - rugs, tile, hardwood, countertops, exterior brick & shudders - EVERYTHING except paint colors but those are already done and just need to email the paint chips!

Now onto this week...its been a good week. I was run down and had a cold from traveling but I am feeling like a new woman. I have a military social function tonight and then tomorrow its a full day of scrapbooking!

And finally, Sophia C. (Sentiments by Sophia) gave me some inspiration this morning!

I WANT: to have a healthy babyI HAVE: the greatest husband! {sweet, kind and very tolerant of my whims}
I WISH: for global peace…I know it sounds cliché but a Soldier truly wishes for this
I HATE: running but I do it every morning.I MISS: my friends that have died in combat and my grandmother
I HEAR: a song in everythingI WONDER: about the life of an friends I never see…and those that I do

I REGRET: not staying in touch with my friends better
I AM NOT: who I thought I would be but I am still making a difference.
I DANCE: I love to dance but I don’t get to very much anymore.
I SING: a different ‘song’ (in my head) for everything. I will be working on email and Tina might pop in my head, then I move onto the next task and Kenny Chesney fits it perfectly. Weird I know but that is who I am.
I CRY: at the stupidest things, I am such a sap.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: on time…ask anyone!

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: my home, from food to albums its what keeps everything going
I WRITE: emails! I love email.

I CONFUSE: my left and right; I know what I mean and my hands go in the right directions but I don’t always say the correct word
I NEED: to work on my scrapbooks more and I REALLY need to clean my office/scrapbook room.
I SHOULD: keep up with my house work more.
I START: to many things at one time, I need to learn to slow down.
I FINISH: I always seem to finish the small things but never the really big things…

Now it's your turn!

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